The Checklist

April 4, 2011


One of the advantages of working with Hollywood FotoFix is that one doesn’t have to do everything alone.  One can commit to a partnership and take full advantage of a wide range of marketing and other resources to make selling photo restoration easier for you.

Here’s a checklist of marketing tools we provide.  Make sure you’re taking advantage of:

[  ] The local photo restoration locator

[  ] Damage classification guide

[  ] Door decals

[  ] Several different restoration posters

[  ] Newspaper ads

[  ] Radio Ads in MP3 Format (Can also be put on a web page)

[  ] Tent Cards

[  ] Counter Stands

[  ] Stand-alone restoration site/link

[  ] Copyrighted Before/After Pairs

[  ] 4×6 Inserts

[  ] Restoration Brochure Files

[  ] Sales Guide For Your Staff

Take advantage of the leverage that these already prepared marketing tools provide.  Offload the time-consuming, fixed result photo restoration work to, freeing up your time for what you’d prefer to do:  increase sales.

If you’re having your staff spend time restoring, consider giving them a challenge to increase the amount of time they spend helping you market.  This list is a great place to start.