A Mighty Oak

June 22, 2011

Among the pillars which make Hollywood Fotofix a great part of the services you offer, sure, there’s the large staff of talented photo restoration experts, and the client support staff that can answer your emails and phone calls quickly, but also there is an infrastructure that handles the transfer, handling and archiving of many terabytes of important photographs.

Steven Haslam is in charge of IT and web development. Through his nearly nine years with the company, he has supervised several programmers, but has been the main architect of our system. Much of what Steve does is behind the scenes – integrating our existing systems with clients’ special needs, providing tools for our internal use to manage the growing needs of the artists, and making sure we are ready for the different busy seasons throughout the year.

Currently Steve and his team are developing what we’re calling “Hollywood FotoFix 3.0″ for lack of a better term. This project goes beyond simply updating our website – but incorporates many services and features we’ve been working on for a long time. This project will revolutionize the service clients receive – the goal is to launch this service within the next 12-16 weeks.

Steven Haslam is a talented programmer and IT professional. He enjoys his job partially because of the mission of saving and preserving family history through photographs. We are very grateful that he’s chosen to make Hollywood Fotofix his professional home.

On behalf of all of our artists, clients, and coworkers – Thanks for what you do Steve!