Margins Matter

September 13, 2011

If you could double the amount of photo restorations you do, but you’d only get paid for half of them, would you do it?

We should treat photo restoration margins the same way we treat photo restoration quality. Just as you won’t put up with providing poor quality to your customers, you can make a decision to not put up with inadequate margins on your restoration service.

Studies have shown that most consumers are not aware of photo restoration. If a consumer learns about photo restoration, it will likely be through a display in your store, or interacting with a past customer. You are their source for photo restoration. You are only competing with yourself, in their mind. Don’t let an exception or two frame the way you view the value of your photo restoration.

We have created one tool to help as a sales aid for your counter staff in an effor to help both them AND your customer set and accept correct pricing. This half-page laminated sheet lists three critical steps to taking a customers order. By following these steps, your counter staff will be better equipped to serve your customers, and price with correct margins. To order, just email with the number we should send (3 maximum per location).

Restoring an old photograph means a great deal to your customers, even the chance to save these old photos has a huge value. Add to that the highly skilled artists that are required to do the job, and you have the ingredients for a valuable service that EDUCATED consumers are willing to pay for.

Let’s don’t let “not yet educated”┬áconsumers determine the value of your service. If your margins aren’t where you need┬áthem to be, increase them in conjunction with efforts to educate your customers – show them why this service is valuable – and they’ll gladly pay what you ask.