Founded in 1993, Hollywood FotoFix is the industry leader in wholesale photo restoration. Simply put, nobody has restored more photos. Our experience, quality, convenience and price point make us the ideal outsourcing partner for photo restorations, retouching and image manipulation.

What started as a local restoration shop has grown into an international network of artists, photo retailers and professional photographers. But we haven't forgotten our humble beginnings. At the end of the day, we're still a family-owned and operated company, driven by our love of vintage photography.

We also put the same skills to work in photo manipulation and portrait retouching.

Experience + The Right Tools = Quality

At Hollywood FotoFix, we understand how vital the quality of our work is to your business. We also understand the emotional impact of a restored photo. We deal with our customers' priceless mementoes every day, and we feel the weight of that responsibility. That's why we consistently invest in new technology and training.

We're proud to work with the best restoration artists in the world. Through our unique web-based interface, our clients continuously rate our work, allowing us to make improvements and corrections on the fly. Last year, we even hired "PhotoShop Diva" Katrin Eismann to give on-site workshops at our offshore studio in Lima, Peru.

A Fully Staffed Digital Studio. Just a Mouse Click Away.

Outsourcing your digital photo services to Hollywood FotoFix couldn't be easier. You probably already own all the equipment you need: a computer, scanner and Internet access. If you don't have an archival printer, you can order from our on-line print shop.

With our innovative web-based interface, you'll have access to the same project management system we use in-house. Transfer image files in a snap. Monitor the progress of your orders, provide instructions and feedback, and more.

We Bring Customers Right Through Your Door.

Photo restorations used to be a small part of your business. That was before you learned how profitable they could be when you work with Hollywood FotoFix. Soon you'll be dreaming up new ways to sell restorations. And we'll make that part easy, too.

Have you seen our consumer portal? Designed with our dealers in mind, this powerful marketing tool is built to attract and drive Internet traffic to our store locator. It also allows us to promote photo restorations to the masses, through consumer magazines, on the web, and other targeted marketing efforts.

Plus, we offer point-of-sale posters, coupons, stuffers, counter sales support and other promotional materials. We provide before-and-after photos for you to use in your own marketing campaign. And for the ambitious, we're developing prerecorded radio spots and print-ready magazine ads, with room for your local information.